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Friday, September 24, 2010


Unforgettable topic today in the blog Photo Friday

Unforgettable - unforgettable, memorable moments ....

Yes, unforgettable moments, unforgettable Flights? Yes, which I've had enough .....

Be it at sunset every time the approach to Los Angeles - the unforgettable sight of the vast sea of light.

Whether it is the memory of the Scenic?
About beautiful coral atolls in the South Pacific? About the flight over the dessert of Namiba.

Whether it is the memory of meeting interesting people and conversations..... -

Just as on the flight to Honolulu, with a stop in Toronto, refreshing conversation surface with one of the world's best skiers, or the flight to New York - in front of me one of the best Isscating Artists shore inside, which then launched a remarkable career in the U.S.?.

I remember am also on the flight to the Xmas photo production in New York in December 1988.
At that time, the first time instead of flying with Lufthansa and no Pan AM ....

Everything is additional keeping booked, why not additional keeping carry-on baggage as the sensitive camera equipment?

Since my discussion comes to mind also "standing" to fly in the future - more passengers in the plane to come ....

Aviation - where you go - certainly not be the unforgettable experiences in the future ....


  1. Stunning shot and great idea for U to highlight unforgettable. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Great capture. You must fly a lot.