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Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Old" today's topic in

I like the weekly theme in international blogs such as Photo Friday or Coolphotoblogs.
A theme, and photographers or photo enthusiasts from around the world are on a topic their photos online.
Always interesting how different a theme is interpreted.
Reminds me again of my time training as a photographer, when we discussed the design of instruction on a subject our work. Interesting discussions with various subjective and constructive comments .....
On "old" are certainly many portraits of older people will be posted, but is also always interesting to see one on the weather and the life experiences subscribed face.
But many ruined buildings, old run-down industrial plants, or scrap in the landscape.
Reminds me of the old issue immediately a portrait of a Creole in the Seychelles, or as here in my gallery "Worldwide" shows a photo of the old Westerntown Body in the southwestern United States.
Reminds us a bit of Kolmannskop near L├╝deritz in Namibia.
But I just think in the days of autumn when the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground around us, we will find many "old subjects".

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