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Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Tenerife...

Why Tenerife .....
I am often asked by colleagues, acquaintances and globetrotters.
Why do you live after many world tours, many photo productions on every continent many years Tenerife?

Because - primarily Tenerife has the best climate in the world ....
Because Tenerife is a little world within itself, its own small continent with diverse vegetation.
Because I think in Tenerife different backgrounds for film - or photo production ions.
Because even after many years I always discover something new.
Because the island is so versatile. Always in motion, in change.

For many Photo - Film Production we need, "neutral" background to a global reference.
On the other hand, we need country-like backgrounds in Cuba, or the Scottish Highlands, or Mediterranean locations such as the Mediterranean.
Or landscapes, as in Australia or the USA.
Or rain forest, or coast or mountains as in Hawaii, or or or .....
It is interesting to discover always new, new nooks and crannies on the island which are changing in the seasons.

Add to this the weather resistance. Ok, the climate change we feel here too, but in all the years we have only ever had one failure because of rain.
The good thing is that we have a lot of luxury hotels with different architectures on which you can then produce indoor.

It is known that in high season from October to April there is one production after another, the handle in his hand.
Not only for commercial Fashion catalogs, Editorials at glossy Magazines, not only to new Cars, Product Promotion, Musician Videos, Tourism Advertising and much more ....

Each request is a new challenge for an old or new customers to discover something new.
New fresh venues in the promotion are not yet known.

Yes, and in these discoveries can be felt inside how much but now with this unique Continent is connected.

I do not know how many different Nationalities now live in Tenerife, with each new casting is astonished at what's new international faces. How international offer to New Faces, Fashion Models and Actors.

Then you can feel that feeling again, "a World in one Country - on an Island ".....

Why do I live in Tenerife - I do not think just because I feel at home here, I think also because I feel here the wide world around me to feel, to experience .....

Today's topic "Photoshop Skills" at Photo Friday Blog gave me the idea to post this photo in the consideration of the thoughts that came to me then actually like a love letter to a unique Island sound ....

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