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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Fashion & catalog - how it was before:

Fashion can describe it but everybody has to show it.
Imagine, a Fashion company, somewhere in Northern Europe has a new collection highlights, and would like to show it in a brochure. It comes to deciding whether in a studio or outdoor photos on location. The latter bought in a saturated market much better because they are closer in lifestyle.

The second Step is to hire a creative team on site, or at home. There, one decides for a photo trip in the sun ', as this is most suitable means for collection and safe weather.

But, that's the downside, the whole creative team must be flown abroad. What follows is a series of often difficult predictable costs such as airfare, accommodation, location scouting, pre production, post production, location fees, etc.

This is where Tenemodel:

Tenemodel will appeal to shippers and manufacturers of Fashion and Sportswear and produced by the sun motif display to complete the entire catalog collection photographs directly on the weatherproof Tenerife.

The photo-site Tenerife with its own modeling agency, knowledge of the best location on the Island, the whole logistics and an established team of local staff provides optimal conditions for professional and affordable photo productions.
In addition, North Europe is only a good four hours' flight, so that the customer wishes to accompany the production in person. Artwork and production are offered as additional modules.

Klaus Neuner was for many years traveling and producing worldwide, focusing Caribbean, California and Florida to "Photo Safari" and lived for many years because of the best light and healthiest climates in the world on the "independent continent" Tenerife.
He photographed with his experienced team with the latest digital technology from Canon.

Thanks to excellent contacts and cooperating with production companies for film, TV, we can nevertheless offer you our services for the area of film production

Upon request, printing and other services offered in Germany and Tenerife

Creative seeing the world through different eyes:

With the eyes of the customer....

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