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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Street Photography Tenerife

Milla oro, the golden mile it is called, the Avenida de Las Américas

Yes, and it is also one of the "magnificent" shopping streets of Tenerife.
With its many exclusive shopping malls, photogenic plazas, restaurants, cafes and bars.
Many are ideal locations for film and photo production on Tenerife.
Not only for fashion, fashion catalogs, and international car manufacturers have already used the locations as backgrounds for their commercial advertising.
And so it often happens, the visitors are some motifs already familiar, from billboards or advertising in international magazines, journals.

Here we also find some of the most popular hotels in Tenerife, Villa Cortés, the Mare Nostrum resort with its world famous Carmen Mota shows, and popular Resorts of the Parque Santiago 3, 4 and 5

Some years ago, the famous journalist Peter Keller wrote a report about my work, which did not remain lost in importance:

Tenerife Magazine Issue 93 - March 2003

For Klaus Neuner can Tenerife to the "Hollywood of the fashion photography" rise

Tenerife -

Millions of photos he has shot. In almost every country in the world.

With Primitivkameras as the commonplace-Kodak box from the 50s, similar in medium format, digital with the latest technology and with the new "Ferrari" of professionals - the 10,000-euro EOS 1DS in with 11 megapixels of Canon, for being the best possible resolution Poster - and poster format.
Only one can render it for anything in the world - even when others take pictures.

Not even a handful of photos gives it by Klaus Neuner, the photographer.
Or rather, there was! For mid-March, we caught him fully - as he had at a photo session at the luxury hotel Villa Cortés in Playa de las Américas, only one eye for Canary Models.

In Tenerife, it has also been established. And looking models from two to 72 for fashion, and seniors for seniors issues.

On the Canary Island, he starts with an agency for models and fashion photography and catalog agency:

With Model-regionalize shots from the magazine and the Tenerife Canaria magazine once the front page of the 14-day radio and TV guide. Models and scenes of the front page so the reader can now meet in person.

For Neuner Tenerife can quickly become the "Hollywood of the Fashion Photography."

"Because it has the best light of the world, and the best contrast in the landscape world.
Bizarre volcanic crater with Fast-four-thousand-peak, both wild and romantic ravines, and the most fantastic sunsets on the beach, with the neighboring islands of La Gomera and La Palma in the afternoon light. "
In short all the stuff of which dreams of professional photographers and videographers are.

His agency appeals to mainly small and medium-sized shippers and suppliers of fashion and sportswear.
From the sunny image display to the complete catalog collection delivers all Neuner Photographs.

The Location Tenerife is for him and his modeling agency and therefore it ideal: his permanent or ad hoc teams are recruited from attuned employees as models, stylists, make-up artists and writers, so will work just as highly professional as cheap - an argument that in the Europe of the shrinking advertising pots is always catchy.

Klaus Neuner itself offers a belly full of photo-shop service:

Appearance and be photographed as a model at the most beautiful venues on the island.
Or photo en Casa, for example. Your own country house, the domestic pool will, for the photo studio for personal photos.
Or photo Hermitage. For those who have not even over a 250 years old romantic rural house.

Neuner photo library with hundreds of thousands of photos from the past decades and from all five continents were flooded recently uninsured in Garmisch ".
Actually, the upcoming 50-year-old would never again press the shutter button.

Sarah seduces Neuner .....

In Tenerife, it can be a Gestoria re-register the car. The staff member was called Sarah was pretty as a picture, and asked after his Neuner career. "Oh, tell me, could not they ...?" What Neuner chastity vow, as far as photography, cracked in no time with delicate hand was.

Who put him in mid-March at a photo shoot at the Hotel Europe Villa Cortes observed one afternoon, much longer than would have been the days of professional photographer by vocation, and probably can not live anyway abstinent.

Cristina is just 20, and next to Sarah (21), Gabriela (26) and Matthew (18) promising new develop coverage Neuner. Klaus Neuner is contrary to his custom into raptures over exuberant when he praises the models as they pose top, talk to the eyes and with her body.

Whoever thinks Neuner itself and alone would "lead director" to dictate positions and attitudes, which knows not yet the lively Roberta.
She calls herself a stylist. But director would be the more appropriate job description.
Whenever you want Neuner press the shutter button, Roberta fumbles again around the model, is there a small flower for the hair, tugs at Bikini, curve it to the left leg, a portion of the strand takes from his eyes.
would have at least half of the nine-photos actually be inadvertently to see Roberta. Neuner sometimes finds himself a fly in the soup.:
"The Yellow because on the red Pajero from Polynesia! Oh, sign the receipt from the cleaners!"

And erotic pictures?
If desired, the private intimate in its atmosphere, why not.
Otherwise, only stated wishes.
Klaus Neuner is neither foraging Sonnyboy shirts yet he belongs to that species creep under the photographer to specify the order in front of their lenses in each general's wife would unbutton her blouse.

About very decent and respectability would watch anyway Neuner also important assistant - his mother Mary.
Supposedly 82, is the highly viable old lady in every production there - as assistant, photo bags-wearer, coffee cooker, good atmosphere and for the heart.


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