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Monday, August 16, 2010

Stock Photography

Stock Photography -
Picture Agency a subject in itself, an area that has changed enormously. But what is not changing ...?

Royalty Free is the subject -
Today, there are photos at the cheap market even for 1.-- €, for layout design a low cost alternative.

Stock photos are neutral photos - photos which are found worldwide in many areas of use.
Photos which bring in retail to their producers often not very much, the crowd does it.
It may be the one photo is hundred or thousand times published.
And then the individual photo will appear on various websites, catalogs, small flyers or whatever ......

Stock photography often dominates its own visual language, a clear concise statement, design, composition.
Clear, neutral - versatile, to used very neutral worldwide.

It's fun to produce in this area, but I see my work, my photo production rather than to "holistic".
That means, I try for every new job our own way to find the personality,
something special - that was in or on this project or product apart from other, capture it and present it specially.
The unmistakable in the foreground, make it seem unique, and in high quality.

That is so special to each photo production - research what makes it unique, how, when and where is the best time to catch it and then add accordingly.

I often wonder why clients used ready photos - and not commissioned its own production to create something unique ...

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