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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hotel photography for tour operator catalogs ....

Hotel photography for tour operator catalogs ....

is certainly a topic for themselves ...

I just got a new catalog for a tour-operator for Spain and the Canary Islands in the hands ...
At View from front to back, I noticed the photos they were interchangeable.

Some hotels lifted off, it was recognized professional hotel photos the hotel had provided.
I remembered a client for whom I photographed his hotels, and asked me a DVD with photos specifically provide for travel agencys and tour operators. -
He wanted to find away out of the same style, and his own photos in the catalog, with his own personality of the resort..

Hotel photography for catalogs - why it is so interchangeable, why only a couple on the balcony, on the bed, a vase of flowers, a basket of fruit .....?
On arrival the guest will be rare found fruit basket, bottle of sparkling wine or what ever before.

Why travel catalogs are not filled with emotions?
Why not the personality of each individual house, hotel or resort is shown?
Why is photography in the travel brochures as interchangeable, uniform ....?

I explained to my clients in the first conversation I am trying "to shoot holistic" ...
I say, the personality of a house or an apartment of a hotel trying to capture and playback.
To this end, I look at the objects before to different times of day and then I create a storybook.
With the best of times - to capture the object in the best, most atmospheric light.
That is not to do in a short time - as it often is called to wait for the best light and go to different times of the day to the object.

Similarly, this includes the appropriate of photo models they act as guests, corresponding with the styling.
A simple 3 * hotel complex does have a different audience than a 5 star luxury hotel.
In addition the country in which the photos are presented - Northern or Southern Europe.
Say the target audience.

All this goes no where fast, easy way, a few snapshots and that's it ....
But that is often seen in travel brochures from ....
and I wonder - why .....


  1. You're right Klaus. I write copy for hotel brochures and I keep trying to tell my clients that their brochure should tell a story not just be like all the others - a series of interchangeable words that could apply to any hotel anywhere. I think eventually hotel (and destination) marketing will move into the experiential realm. It's emotions that sell hotels, not sales talk.