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Monday, July 19, 2010


Now I sit here for days and try the pages of the new website to comply with life.
I think how much preparation was needed for a new look / appearance to come.
And as in the photo productions were much team work is, again even involved some of which I want to thank especially in this way:
A graphic designer Angela Hill,
with whom we have already produced many hotel brochures, etc..
Thank you Angela for the creation of the new logo.

Stefan Bihl web designer
Stefan Thank you for creating this new website, especially grateful for the patient instruction, and comment on all my small and big wishes / ideas.
I can only recommend Stefan to all customers, particularly especially all of the tourism / Rental s area.
Here Stefan has programmed excellent websites.

Pierre W├╝rges mrs MEDIA TECHNOLOGY
A great graphic artist, to his opinions, views, I do not want to abandon after many years of cooperation, and thank you very much for the layout / printing of our new Business Card.

Ultimately, of course, pursue a special thanks to all my clients,
which enable me always my greatest passion:

....... the PHOTOGRAPHY .....

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