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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sky High....

Theme of the day at Photo Friday "is SKY HIGH "....

On the subject of high heaven I remembered this air intake.

Shot on a flight from Tenerife to Munich, used as a photo on our last year's Christmas card.
I would like to reserve the seats for the flights in the right seat to capture the right light, panorama spots and the sunset.

Earlier in the Trans-Atlantic flights, but also in Iceland hopping in the Pacific were very important.
In the small planes so you could just get on arrival at good pictures.

Remember, I always liked the flights over Groenland and the ice mountains with strong sunsets.

Special experience was a flight to the Seychelles Bird Iceland.
The pilot, a Dutchman, I was sitting right next to him, made a victory lap around the small island, so I could make from the coral atoll good aerial photographs. At that time, with the Mamiya RB 67.
Later in Cape Town, South Africa in film development, I wondered why all the films were not exposed - I had previously forgotten in Mahe or Praslin to switch of the mirror up remover ...

Think like too many flights in the South Pacific to the back, often it was to book a small machine, calculated from the pilot as a training flights.
In New Zealand we booked a Farmer for a round trip to Mt.Cook, it had terrible turbulences, but impressive experiences and results.
Yes, each photo has its own story, each photo calls up memories .....

A picture says more then a thousand words but truly ....

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