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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Digital photography and its possibilities.....

Digital photography and its possibilities in post-production ...
I always find it fascinating that unexpected possibilities of digital photography offers us ...
Not only in the production, no even and especially in the many post-processing.
What in early times made by pre-press, graphic designers, Repro & co is now usually done by the photographer.
Often it is called in the current production - ok, we go through - will be done later in Photoshop.

I think only he who has once made himself for hours in Photoshop, portrait retouching, elaborate or processed HDRs with a small aperture and long exposure times, to say nothing of sensor spots all over, only knows how much work goes into post-production.

In the preparation is there, the 'play with the controls "every now and then little" artistic "works like this feeling at sea.

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