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Friday, July 30, 2010

Crooked - Crooked a subject in which I seriously did a matching photo found

Crooked - Crooked Photo Friday theme of today's blogs
a subject in which I seriously did a matching photo found.

crooked - even, a subject which is in my photography is as good as not at all again.

As I see graphically how "straight" my photography has become.
I do not know whether the expression of my photographic style - actually would not be subordinate to, though, some see a
Klaus Neuner recognize photographic style to - or whether it is because I very much architecture inside and take pictures.
Then, of course, are falling lines, odd or even crooked horizons not to do so.

Even in the portrait photography I find myself again and again while capturing a straight horizon, straight, - graphic lines.
An oblique horizon was a while very big in fashion, portrait photography
but you have to subject themselves in the imagery actually the short-lived fashion?
Ok, you have to adjust the current visual language in the interests of customers, but at least my customers often prefer the more conservative traditional photographic style, the exposure correct and composed photo.
As it usually is to find for a long time use.

This is of course not on the short-lived fashion photography, which is so well known, replaced by a running season.
However, I am not a fan of the actual there exaggerated imagery, I think they overlook quite quickly because they are too pressing to the fore.
Is it like how the fashion, after a season you no longer see her, she comes from an old-fashioned.
A classic photo on the other hand retains its appeal, attention, wins more in value.

Ultimately, however, every customer has only one wish, its product quality, sales-presents to get.
And he ought to be in commercial photography in the foreground .....

My photo shows
Kolmannskuppe, the ancient city of diamonds in the Namib Desert in the vicinity of L├╝deritz ....
Over the period of the sand dunes more and more undercover ....

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